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Double Wide Mobile Homes: Prestige, cheap, comfortable

Are you looking for a spacious and affordable housing option? Double wide mobile homes might be the perfect solution for you. These homes have gained popularity in the housing market due to their generous living spaces and attractive features. In this article, our aim is to provide you with comprehensive information about the features, benefits, and buying process of double wide mobile homes.

Whether you’re a family seeking a comfortable abode or an individual looking for a cost-effective housing solution, this guide will help you make an informed decision. Discover the advantages, explore the various features, and gain insights into the purchasing process of double wide mobile homes. Get ready to find your dream home that combines affordability, functionality, and flexibility.

Understanding Double Wide Mobile Homes

What are Double Wide Mobile Homes?

In the world of manufactured homes, double wide mobile homes stand out as a popular choice for individuals and families seeking a comfortable living space. These homes are constructed with the aim of providing ample room and functionality while maintaining affordability.

How do they differ from other types of manufactured homes?

When compared to single wide mobile homes, double wide mobile homes offer twice the width, resulting in a more spacious interior. This additional width allows for larger rooms, open floor plans, and increased flexibility in layout options. Unlike modular homes, which are built in separate modules and assembled on-site, double wide mobile homes are constructed in a factory and transported in one or two sections to the desired location. This streamlined manufacturing process ensures efficiency and reduces construction time.

Double wide mobile homes are designed to meet rigorous building standards and codes, ensuring quality and structural integrity. They provide a cost-effective housing solution without compromising on comfort and style. With their distinct features and advantages, double wide mobile homes have become a preferred choice for individuals and families seeking affordable and spacious living options.

By understanding the unique characteristics of double wide mobile homes, you can make an informed decision when considering this housing option. Let’s delve deeper into the features, benefits, and buying process of double wide mobile homes to help you find the perfect home for your needs.

Highlighting Spaciousness and Layout

Double wide mobile homes are renowned for their generous living spaces and well-designed layouts, making them an ideal choice for both families and individuals seeking affordable housing options. These homes offer ample room for comfortable living and provide a sense of openness that can be hard to find in traditional housing.

Suitability for Families and Individuals

The spaciousness of double wide mobile homes makes them particularly well-suited for families. With multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, and common areas, these homes provide enough space to accommodate family members while ensuring privacy and comfort. The open floor plans allow for easy flow between rooms, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for gatherings and quality time.

Moreover, double wide mobile homes are also suitable for individuals who desire an affordable housing solution without compromising on space and functionality. Whether you’re a young professional or empty-nester, these homes offer the flexibility to customize the layout to fit your lifestyle needs.

Affordable Housing Options

One of the key advantages of double wide mobile homes is their affordability. Compared to traditional site-built homes, they offer a more cost-effective alternative without sacrificing quality or comfort. Double wide mobile homes provide an opportunity for individuals and families to own a spacious dwelling at a fraction of the cost.

The layout of double wide mobile homes maximizes the utilization of available space, making every square foot count. This efficient use of space not only contributes to the affordability but also enhances the overall functionality and livability of the home.

By choosing a double wide mobile home, families and individuals can enjoy the benefits of spaciousness, well-designed layouts, and affordability. In the following sections, we will explore the features, advantages, and buying process of double wide mobile homes in more detail, helping you make an informed decision when considering this housing option

Features of Double Wide Mobile Homes

Open Floor Plans and Large Living Spaces

One of the standout features of double wide mobile homes is their open floor plans and spacious living areas. These homes are designed to maximize space utilization, providing a seamless flow between rooms and creating a sense of openness. The open layout allows for easy furniture arrangement, accommodating various interior design preferences and personalization. Whether you’re hosting gatherings or simply enjoying everyday living, the open floor plan enhances the overall livability and functionality of the home.

Multiple Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Double wide mobile homes are known for their multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, offering ample space for families or individuals who desire separate sleeping areas and privacy. The number of bedrooms typically ranges from two to four, allowing for flexibility to accommodate various family sizes and guest needs. Similarly, the inclusion of multiple bathrooms ensures convenience and enhances the comfort of residents. Having multiple bedrooms and bathrooms within a double wide mobile home provides the necessary space and privacy for each family member or resident.

Upgraded Kitchens and Appliances

Another noteworthy feature of double wide mobile homes is their upgraded kitchens and appliances. These homes often boast modern and functional kitchens that are equipped with quality appliances, stylish cabinetry, and ample storage space. The upgraded kitchen design enhances the overall cooking and dining experience, making it a focal point for family gatherings and entertaining guests. The inclusion of high-quality appliances ensures efficiency and convenience, allowing residents to enjoy the benefits of a well-equipped kitchen within their double wide mobile home.

Energy-Efficient Features

Double wide mobile homes often come equipped with energy-efficient features, making them environmentally friendly and cost-effective. These features may include insulation, energy-efficient windows, and energy-saving appliances. The insulation helps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature and reduces energy consumption for heating and cooling. Energy-efficient windows allow for better insulation, natural light, and reduced heat transfer. Additionally, the use of energy-saving appliances helps lower utility bills and minimize environmental impact. The incorporation of these energy-efficient features in double wide mobile homes provides residents with long-term savings and a greener living environment.

Optional Add-Ons like Porches or Decks

One of the advantages of double wide mobile homes is the opportunity to personalize and enhance the outdoor living space. Many manufacturers offer optional add-ons such as porches or decks that can be seamlessly integrated into the home’s design. These outdoor extensions provide additional areas for relaxation, entertainment, and enjoying the surrounding environment. Whether you envision a cozy porch for morning coffee or a spacious deck for hosting gatherings, these optional add-ons allow you to customize your double wide mobile home to suit your outdoor lifestyle preferences.

Double wide mobile homes offer a range of features, amenities, and advantages that contribute to their appeal as a housing option. From energy-efficient features that promote sustainability and reduce utility costs to optional add-ons like porches or decks that expand the living space, these homes offer functionality, comfort, and the opportunity for personalization.

Double Wide mobile homes floor plans

Double wide mobile homes 36 m2 + 48 m2 DMI-010 – The DMI-010 Double Wide Mobile Home is designed for those who crave ample living space without sacrificing mobility.

With five generously sized bedrooms, this mobile home comfortably accommodates large families or groups of friends, ensuring everyone has a space to call their own.
– The layout of the DMI-010 allows for separate living, dining, and sleeping areas, creating a sense of spaciousness and allowing for a smooth flow throughout the home.

The open floor plan also provides plenty of opportunities for customization, letting you create the living environment that best suits your needs.

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Double wide mobile homes 36 m2 + 36 m2 – DMI-009 Experience unparalleled comfort and luxury with the DMI-009 Double Wide Mobile Home.

With a generous 72 m2 (36 m2 + 36 m2) of living space, this mobile home is perfect for families or individuals seeking a stylish and modern residence.

The open floor plan features a spacious 19.6 m2 living room, perfect for family gatherings or entertaining guests.


The Buying Process at Demi mobile homes

At Demi Mobile Homes, we strive to provide a seamless and hassle-free buying process for our customers. Here is a step-by-step guide to purchasing a double wide mobile home from us:

Receive Information and Expert Consultation

To start the buying process, customers can reach out to us to receive detailed information about our double wide mobile homes.

Our knowledgeable experts are available to answer any questions and provide guidance throughout the purchasing journey. We believe in offering personalized assistance to ensure customers make informed decisions.

Assessing Customer Needs and Preferences

Understanding the unique needs, desires, and preferences of our customers is crucial in offering them the right double wide mobile home models that best suit their requirements and are cost-effective.

We engage in detailed consultations to gather information about the desired features, floor plans, and customization options, enabling us to present suitable choices tailored to their preferences.

Determining Budget and Financing Options

We work closely with customers to determine their budget for a double wide mobile home and discuss financing options.

Our team assists in exploring available financing solutions and guiding customers through the financial aspects of the purchase, ensuring transparency and providing valuable insights to help make an informed decision.

Visiting Model Homes and Evaluating Floor Plans

To aid customers in visualizing their future home, we encourage them to visit our model homes. This allows them to experience the layout, design, and quality firsthand. Customers can explore various floor plans, assess the functionality of different models, and envision how their lifestyle will fit within the space.

Introducing Warranties and After-Sales Services

At Demi Mobile Homes, we prioritize customer satisfaction even after the sale is complete. We introduce comprehensive warranties and after-sales services to provide peace of mind and address any potential concerns. Our team is committed to ensuring that customers receive ongoing support and assistance throughout the ownership of their double wide mobile home.

Arranging Transportation and Installation Logistics

Once the selection process is finalized, our team takes care of arranging transportation and installation logistics for our customers. We coordinate with trusted partners to ensure a smooth delivery and installation process, ensuring that the double wide mobile home is set up efficiently and in compliance with all necessary guidelines.

At Demi Mobile Homes, we are dedicated to delivering a seamless and customer-centric buying experience. Our step-by-step guide, coupled with personalized consultations and comprehensive services, aims to make the purchase of a double wide mobile home a rewarding and satisfying journey for our valued customers. Contact us!

Exploring Double Wide Trailer Options and Luxury Mobile Homes

Double Wide Trailers: Mobility and Temporary Housing

Double wide trailers offer a unique housing solution that emphasizes mobility and temporary housing applications. These trailers are designed to be easily transported from one location to another, allowing individuals or families to enjoy the flexibility of relocating as needed.

With their portable nature, double wide trailers can serve as temporary homes during construction projects, disaster relief efforts, or other situations requiring immediate accommodation. They provide a comfortable and convenient living space that can be easily moved and adapted to changing circumstances.

Luxury Double Wide Mobile Homes: Premium Features and Luxurious Amenities

For those seeking an elevated living experience, luxury double wide mobile homes offer a blend of elegance, sophistication, and comfort. These homes showcase premium features, high-end finishes, and luxurious amenities that rival traditional site-built homes.

From exquisite architectural designs to top-of-the-line materials, luxury double wide mobile homes provide an upscale living environment that exceeds expectations.

Inside, residents can enjoy spacious layouts, high ceilings, gourmet kitchens, designer fixtures, and luxurious bathrooms. These homes are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, offering a refined and opulent living experience.

Demi Mobile Homes’ Double Wide Mobile Homes

Your Trusted Provider of Double Wide Mobile Homes

At Demi Mobile Homes, we take pride in being a trusted provider of high-quality double wide mobile homes. With years of experience and a solid reputation in the industry, we have established ourselves as a reliable source for individuals and families seeking their dream home.

Wide Range of Products, Competitive Pricing, and Commitment to Quality

We offer a wide range of double wide mobile homes that cater to various preferences and budgets. Our extensive selection includes a diverse range of floor plans, styles, and sizes to suit individual needs. From cozy and compact designs to spacious layouts, we have options that can accommodate families of all sizes.

At Demi Mobile Homes, we understand the importance of affordability without compromising on quality. We strive to provide competitive pricing that makes owning a double wide mobile home a reality for our customers. Our commitment to offering value for money is reflected in our pricing strategies and financing options.

We place a strong emphasis on quality and ensure that every double wide mobile home we offer meets our rigorous standards. Our homes are built with durable materials, innovative construction techniques, and attention to detail. We work closely with trusted manufacturers who share our commitment to craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

Choosing Demi Mobile Homes means choosing a reliable partner who is dedicated to helping you find the perfect double wide mobile home that fits your needs, preferences, and budget. We are committed to delivering exceptional customer service, transparent communication, and a seamless buying experience.

Whether you are looking for a starter home, a spacious family residence, or a luxurious retreat, Demi Mobile Homes has the ideal double wide mobile home to meet your requirements. Explore our extensive inventory, experience our commitment to quality, and let us guide you through the journey of finding your dream home.


In conclusion, the world of double wide mobile homes offers a myriad of possibilities for those seeking affordable, spacious, and flexible housing options. Whether you are a growing family, an individual looking for a comfortable abode, or someone interested in temporary or luxury living, double wide mobile homes have something to offer.

We encourage you to explore the diverse options available and consider Demi Mobile Homes as your trusted provider. With our wide range of products, competitive pricing, and unwavering commitment to quality, we strive to meet your unique needs and exceed your expectations. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in finding the perfect double wide mobile home that suits your lifestyle and budget.

If you’re ready to embark on the journey of homeownership or need further guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Leave your information, and our experienced professionals will be delighted to offer personalized advice and design solutions tailored just for you.

At Demi Mobile Homes, we believe that everyone deserves a comfortable and affordable place to call home. Let us help you turn your dreams into reality with our exceptional selection of double wide mobile homes. Contact us today to begin your exciting housing journey.